Best hyacinth napkin ring wholesale kitchen dining products

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  • Product Name: Napkin rings
  • Material: Water Hyacinth
  • Plating Color: in our E-Catalogs
  • MOQ: 30 pcs
  • Delivery time: around 10-30 days
  • Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union
  • Shipment: By Air, by Sea, by Express
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam
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hyacinth napkin ring wholesale
Best hyacinth napkin ring wholesale kitchen dining products

Price :1$

Best hyacinth napkin ring wholesale kitchen dining products

Napkin rings are one of the popular products and have gradually become a hot trend recently.

Napkin rings are durable in quality and color, intelligently designed for those with aesthetics, creativity and sophistication.

Hyacinth napkin rings are coasters made of bamboo and rattan materials in Vietnam.

To make this Hyacinth napkin ring completely thanks to the skillful hands of the craftsman, the use of machines is only supportive.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural Materials
  • Can be mass production
  • Lightweight

Care Instruction :

  • To clean, Hand wash only with soapy water
  • Never heat in the microwave or oven
  • Do not soak for a long period
  • Do not place in the Dishwasher and Fridge
  • This is to keep products looking nice and long lasting.

Reasons to choose to buy our Hyacinth napkin ring:

  • Our hyacinth napkin ring is hand made by skillful Vietnamese artisans.
  • The highest quality products on the market.
  • High strength, long time to use.
  • The Hyacinth remains intact to make the product sturdy and durable.
  • Exquisite, unique design.
  • Thorough and meticulous in each line of clouds and joints.
  • Resistant to termites, insects, borers.
  • Easily adaptable to a variety of environments and climates.
  • Trusted and selected by many Buyers.
  • Proud to be a high-quality Vietnamese product, with an invested factory and production line
  • Seriously, up to export standards.
  • All of hyacinth napkin ring are tested to meet export standards for European and American markets.

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