Best Three tier rattan fruit basket cheapest wholesale

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  • Product Name: Rattan Basket
  • Material: Rattan
  • Size: M, L, XL, XXL
  • Plating Color: in our E-Catalogs, any color as your like
  • MOQ: 25 pcs/style/size/color
  • Delivery time: around 10-30 days
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Three tier rattan fruit basket
Best Three tier rattan fruit basket cheapest wholesale

Price :1$

Best Three tier rattan fruit basket cheapest wholesale

The Rattan basket is hand woven by skillful Vietnamese artisans.

Made of natural Rattan, this basket is convenient, a must-have if you are looking for an eco-friendly and space-saving storage product.

The Rattan Basket is designed with two sturdy handles, making it convenient to use.

Advantages of Rattan basket:

Advantage 1 is Environmental protection: The Rattan is a plant that can be grown and is easy to grow, so the exploitation and use of Rattan will not affect the environment, affect the natural ecosystem of plants.

Advantage 2 is Safety for users: the basket is made from Rattan material – a completely natural material, no chemicals are used to ensure friendliness and safety for consumers’ health

Advantage 3 is Safety for plants: As a completely natural plant product without chemicals, the planters are woven with Rattan to create air holes to help plants grow and grow easily. drainage, ventilation, … good for the growth and development of plants

Advantage 4 is that it is easy to combine with many decorative styles: Rattan is a material that can be suitable for many styles such as Scandinavian (Nordic style), Vintage style, Bohemian, … so the one made from Rattan material will also suit many different styles.

Advantage 5 is High aesthetics: Three tier rattan fruit basket is made entirely of Rattan with the natural color of Rattan , bringing a very natural beauty, very special. Breathe fresh and cool for your family’s living space.

Advantage 6 is The low cost: The Three tier rattan fruit basket and bamboo basket with handles are relatively cheap and suitable for all families.

How to use the Rattan Baskets:

Rattan Basket has many uses and different uses in addition to the basic uses below, depending on the creativity of the user.

For growing plants: The most basic use of Rattan basket is to plant trees. Plants can be directly planted in baskets or planted in other items such as cloth bags, plastic bags, potted plants, …

Used to store things: In addition to planting trees, Three tier rattan fruit basket can also be used to store other items such as Laundry Storage, etc.

Used to decorate (Decor): For some decorative styles, Three tier rattan fruit basket are also used to decorate, to increase the aesthetics of the house.

For Fashion: This is an indispensable accessory for girls who are passionate about Bohemian style. This is a beach accessory that is very popular with many women.

Reasons to choose to buy our Three tier rattan fruit basket:

  • Our Rattan basket by skillful Vietnamese artisans.
  • The highest quality products on the market.
  • High strength, long time to use.
  • The Rattan shell remains intact to make the product sturdy and durable.
  • The technique of keeping natural Rattan color, without adding impurities and chemicals, is completely environmentally friendly.
  • Three tier rattan fruit basket: Exquisite, unique design.
  • Resistant to termites, insects, borers.
  • Easily adaptable to a variety of environments and climates.
  • Trusted and selected by many Buyers.
  • Proud to be a high quality Vietnamese product, with an invested factory and production line
  • Seriously, up to export standards.
  • All of baskets are tested to meet export standards for European and American markets (FDA, LFBG, Food Safety)

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